Georello Jungle – Quercetti

By | Şubat 27, 2020

Georello Jungle – Quercetti

The Quercetti Georello jungle kids learn the basics of chain reactions. Begin with the construction of a base platform with the building boards. Try following all the gears so to place that everything is interconnected. To top it off you decorate your jungle with wild animals. Are you ready to build? Turn then come to life with one of the gears and see your jungle. Recommended Age: 3+

Ranger Rick crafts amphibians and reptiles, #Amphibians #Crafts #Ranger #Rept… – Georgia Fraser – Ranger Rick crafts amphibians and reptiles,

Jetzt haben Kinder viel zu lernen, so dass Eltern alles in thei vorbereitet haben wollen …


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