www.polandhandmad… #polandhandmade #needlefelted #ooak

By | Aralık 26, 2019

www.polandhandmad… #polandhandmade #needlefelted #ooak

www.polandhandmad… #polandhandmade #needlefelted #ooak

Sewing Stuffed Animals 21.00 euro insisto… sei matta – This sea turtle stuffed animal wants to live on dry land. Take it to see the world, attached to your keyring or your car mirror, or install it nearby a window to contemplate the view. The turtle is a symbol of the way of peace. It invites us to cultivate our peace of mind and a harmonious relationship with our environment. Give a meaningful gift to someone special ! Or keep it for yourself and collect them all 🙂 LISTING FOR ♥ 1 little am

Land, Water, and Animals on a Map How are water and land shown on maps? How can pictures on a map tell you what lives on land and in water?

Cards #calendrierdelaventfaitmaisontissu #bonpourcalendrierdelavent Cards #calendrierdelaventfaitmaisontissu

Because EVERYONE needs a walrus craft for their writing athellip

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